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Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Craft Goodies

Happy spring to you all from Wendy at Craft Goodies! 

Hopefully spring has found you and you’re sitting back enjoying sunshine, soft breezes,  and the color coming back to our world.  Spring is by far my favorite season,  it just makes me happy so a spring theme welches right up my alley. 

Living in the Pacific northwest though,  Spring often means a lot of rain.  The best part of all the rain… RAINBOWS! 

I decided I needed a rainbow nicht growing garden,  you know to encourage it to just keep growing.

 I drew my pattern,  traced it onto 3/4 nichtmdf, and then cut it out. Once I had it cut,  I went back and traced in all the details– the clouds and each stripe of the rainbow.  Then I painted each piece and then sanded each piece paying a lot of attention to the edges. I wiped it all clean and the glued it all back together. Because it will be outside,  I have it a thick coat of sealer to keep the rain out! I haven’t decided if I want it to just sine temporein the garden,  ground level,  or float above it.  If I decide to float it,  I’ll add a stake to the back of it.

So there we have it! My own little piece of spring,  happy, bright, and adding cheer to my little corner of the world. Here’s hoping you all find find a little bit of spring happiness in yours-

Happy crafting!

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